Harley Reimaginated

Harley Reimaginated

Raised in Louisiana, her father left while she was just a child. Her mother would then teach her to never get by by your looks alone, it leads to trouble. She got her into self-defense and martial arts classes so she can always take care of herself. Harlene Quinnselle took her mother’s motivation straight through college and graduated with a Masters in Psychology. Sadly, the recession limited jobs for new grads and she was forced to take a non-paying internship at Arkham Meadows. While there she is constantly badgered by the men working there, and patients. Her supervisor would make things difficult for Harley because she was threatened by her good looks. Alone, sad, and angry, she found a strange solace with a patient, Jack Napier, who didn’t seem all too crazy after all.


2 thoughts on “Harley Reimaginated

  1. tsfogg says:

    I like the backstory, but I’m not sure about this design. It’s more Black Widow than Harley Quinn.

    • kandeemann says:

      Definitely. My other sketches were very Deadpool/Black Widow. I wanted to do something completely different and let the Harlequin part be from the mask, one laying around being from Louisiana. My Joker and Harley reimaginated is a bit more strategic than maniacal, more purpose than design.

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