Byron R. Spears: The Walking Bible

My grandfather’s funeral was today.  A sad and profound day.  I had the privilege of creating his program.  B.R.Spears CoverB.R.Spears ProgramB.R.Spears Childhood B.R.Spears Young Adulthood B.R.Spears Ministry B.R.Spears Retirement and FamilyB.R.Spears Memorial End



7 thoughts on “Byron R. Spears: The Walking Bible

  1. Victor says:

    I love your grandpa since I discovered him last month and I want to be like him

  2. Erica Washington says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, I have been searching hard to find info of Mr. Spears i enjoy his sermons so much. Thank you, Thank you.

  3. Gairy Thomas says:

    I purchased trumpet of truth series & no matter how many times I see that sermon he preached on amazing facts I still watch it when it shows. I would love to meet some of his family just to know what it was like to have a conversation with him. My absolutely favorite preacher ever, joe crews was first but now he’s second.

    • kandeemann says:

      I can tell you being his Grandchild has been an experience that I will always cherish. Loving, caring, and fun, he was always concerned with other’s comfort and happiness. His knowledge of scripture seemed to get stronger with age, even after he forgot his own phone number! Truly an inspiration and one of the best examples for me to model my own life after.

      • Gairy Thomas says:

        I’m now seeing this message so pardon my tardy reply. If you’re on facebook please add me Gairy Thomas & if you have whatsapp plz add me 718-600-6406.

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