Recess Avengers

When it hit me I had to see it done, so I did it! Spinelli and Gretchen may be my favorites, though Mikey’s was pretty good too.


Spinelli_Widow Vince_Falcon Mikey_Thor Gretchen_Marvel TJ_Captain Gus_Bucky

Magneto Through Time

I was working on a redesign of Eric and I got these three images clearly in my mind.  Not being able to choose, I did all three.  There’s another I may do, but we shall see.Spartan Magneto Hawaiian Magneto Sir Magneto

Hey, Arnold! Superheroes

Hey, Arnold! Superheroes

I caught this idea when I woke up this morning, it started with Arnold as Iron Man, the others evolved from there. I love them like they are my own children.  Here’s Helga as Wonder Woman.

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